Scolio Diaries (Entry 1)

For weeks I have been feeling discomfort in my back, especially on the lower part. I finally decided to go and get checked by Dr. Johnny Tan. One of the best, if not the best Chiropractors in the Philippines.

Today, I went to my scheduled appointment. I have been diagnosed with Scoliosis, S-Type. Curvatures on the thoracic (to the left) and lumbar regions (to the right) and rotations on the Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar Region.

I also have 2 major nerves pinched by the rotation of the spine - connected to my heart and my lungs, I also have a couple of minor nerves pinched. My right shoulder blade is higher than my left; and my left hip is higher than the right, which makes my left leg shorter by an inch from the right leg.

I had my first therapy and had my first correction. Ahhh… The relief I felt after that. I was advised to take 900ml of calcium everyday and have my regular therapy sessions.

Later tonight, I felt the discomfort again. Ohh.. why.. I hope the pain goes away…